Useful Tips for Dealing With Insurance Companies After an Auto Accident

Useful Tips for Dealing With Insurance Companies After an Auto Accident

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After an auto accident, when all the dust clears and it’s time to deal with insurance companies, the first thing you want to do is stay in touch with your auto accident attorney for advice on what to do and say, as well as what not to do and say.

When insurance adjusters call you with questions, knowing how to answer them can make the difference between getting the fair settlement you deserve or getting bamboozled out of a claim.

First, remember to keep it professional, and don’t get too friendly. Some insurance adjusters may be genuinely nice people, but keep in mind that they have a job to do, and it often involves trying to save their company money. They may try to warm up to you and get you to reveal some information that they can later use against you. Stay respectful, but stay closed as well.

Make sure you say ‘no’ to recorded statements when your attorney isn’t present. The adjuster may insist that this is standard procedure, but it’s your right to respectfully decline.

Another important thing to remember is to be punctual in responding to communication from the insurance company. However, before you do respond, call your lawyer for advice or assistance. The best decision is to not make any statements without your attorney present, but be sure to set things up as quickly as possible.

At some point after initially contacting a lawyer, you should discuss what damages you are seeking in terms of amount. Your lawyer can help you sort out your definite costs, potential costs, and other damages so that you have a number in mind when you get into the claim with the insurance company. Setting a goal amount can also prevent you from mistakenly agreeing to a settlement that’s lower than what you deserve.

There are many other details involved with the post-accident damage recovery process, such as taking photos of injuries or auto damage. This is why it’s important to remember to contact an attorney immediately after an accident to help you through dealing with the insurance company.

Thank you, and stay safe out there.