Car Accidents

Fair Compensation For Car Accident Victims

When you or a loved one is injured in a car accident, it can be a major disruption in your life. Endless medical bills, physical pain and emotional stress can make daily life a struggle. Instead of focusing on recovering, you are worried about how to care for your family, whether you can return to work, and how you are going to afford the necessities of life.

At Zychowicz Law LLC, we understand fighting the insurance company and getting the compensation you deserve can be challenging, but you don’t have to do it alone. Our car accident attorneys have extensive experience, knowledge and skill in representing clients injured in motor vehicle accidents and negotiating with insurance companies.

Experience In All Types Of Injury Cases

The car accident lawyers at Zychowicz Law LLC, can assist you in many types of cases, including:

  • Motorcycle accidents: Motorcycle riders and passengers have almost no protection from collisions and other types of accidents. We understand the devastation of motorcycle accidents and take pride in representing accident victims and their families.
  • Commercial truck accidents: Our attorneys pursue compensation for individuals injured due to the negligence of truck drivers, trucking companies and truck manufacturers.
  • Distracted driving accidents: As the number of hand-held electronic devices increase, distracted driving accidents continue to rise. We fight for compensation for those injured due to people texting while driving or using phones or other electronic devices.
  • Pedestrian accidents: Pedestrians often have the right of way when they are hit by vehicles. If you were hit by a car while walking, we will work hard to get you the best possible compensation for your injuries.
  • Drunk driving accidents: If your vehicle was hit by a drunk driver, we will fight to protect your rights and make sure you are compensated fairly.
  • Bicycle accidents: Our firm has extensive experience representing bicyclists who have been hit by negligent and inattentive drivers. We understand the devastating injuries these accidents can cause.
  • Car accidents: A motor vehicle accident can leave you or a loved one with permanent injuries. We will fight to hold the insurance companies and negligent parties accountable for their actions to get you the best possible compensation.

Effectively negotiating with insurance companies requires experience and when you work with Zychowicz Law LLC, we will take the time to evaluate your case and develop a strategic plan that will get you the best possible compensation.

When Motor Vehicle Accidents Happen On The Job

If you were hurt in an accident while driving or riding in a vehicle performing work-related duties, you are usually entitled to file a workers’ compensation claim with your employer. If the accident was caused by the negligence of another driver, you may also be able to file a personal claim. Workers’ compensation claims typically cover medical expenses and a portion of your lost wages. A personal injury claim allows you to get compensation for pain and suffering.

Professions that typically allow personal injury claims in addition to workers’ compensation claims are:

  • Delivery truck drivers
  • Rideshare drivers (Uber/Lyft)
  • Truckers
  • Hospitality industry shuttle drivers
  • Home health care aides
  • Salespeople

Any job or profession that revolves around driving or riding in a motor vehicle may be eligible to file a personal injury claim.

An Accident Attorney With Experience In The Insurance Industry

Car accident attorney Mike Zychowicz has worked with victims of car accidents for over 35 years. Five of these years were spent as a defense attorney for an insurance company. Our attorneys know the techniques that insurance companies use to try to deny or delay your claim, and they know how to get you the compensation you deserve.

When you contact Zychowicz Law LLC, to represent you after you have been involved in an auto accident, you will get the benefit of years of experience combined with the attention you deserve.

Get Better While We Work For You

After being involved in a car accident you will need time to recover physically and emotionally. Our attorneys will help you by dealing with the insurance companies and bill collectors while assisting you in settling your property damage claims. They will take all the necessary steps to get you the recovery that you deserve for your injuries. If that means taking your case to trial to get you what you deserve, our attorneys will fight for you in court.

Time Is Of The Essence

If you have been involved in a car crash it is important to contact Zychowicz Law LLC, immediately. There are dangers in trying to deal with insurance companies on your own. Insurance companies are experienced in getting information from you after a car accident and many times they will attempt to use that information to deny a claim. Once you contact Zychowicz Law LLC, you will have the benefit of a skilled auto accident attorney working for you. If you contact us quickly we can build the record of the evidence that is necessary to successfully resolve a claim. Contact us at 419-842-1166 or at the ‘Live Chat’ at the bottom of your screen.