Bicycle Accidents

Getting Compensation For Bicyclists Hit By Cars

The popularity of ToleGO bike and the University of Toledo’s Lime scooter sharing program have put more bikes and scooters on the roads than ever. While bicyclists and scooter riders should always be cautious when riding on streets and roads, they have the same rights as motor vehicle drivers. If a motor vehicle causes an accident when a cyclist or scooter rider is obeying the law, the driver is legally at fault. Even if there is no collision, the motor vehicle driver is responsible for compensating the accident victim.

Injuries Common To Bike And Scooter Accidents

Even when cyclists and scooter riders are wearing helmets and other protective gear, they are no match for cars and trucks. Many injuries can have lifelong complications, including chronic pain and paralysis. Even a motor vehicle traveling at relatively low speeds can cause traumatic or lethal injuries. Common injuries suffered in accidents with motor vehicles include:

If you were seriously injured in an accident while riding a bike or a scooter, we have the skills and experience to help you get the compensation you deserve.

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