Loss Of Consortium

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Countless cases have shown how severely auto accidents can impact the lives of the victims’ families. Often, it’s not just the person injured in the accident who suffers.

Loss of consortium is applicable when the benefits of a family or spousal relationships – such as general affection or changes in sexual contact – are deprived as the result of a wrongful injury or death. If a person loses a spouse to a fatal auto accident, he or she can seek compensation based on loss of consortium.

Furthermore, “loss of society and companionship” is related to loss of consortium. Loss of companionship deals with the negative effects that an auto accident can have on a relationship, but it deals more with the emotional and social aspects.

Under Ohio law, loss of consortium is a claim for damages and an independent cause of action that can be brought forth by the auto accident victim or by his or her spouse – even if the spouse was not directly injured in the accident.

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