Significant Cases

Significant Cases, Significant Results

The attorneys at Zychowicz Law LLC, have helped clients in Northwest Ohio recover millions of dollars in damages and reparations. As a client of our law firm, you will receive expert advice and the personal attention your case deserves.

This is a representative sample of the cases we have handled recently.

Type of Action: Industrial Pipe Explosion

Settlement: 2.5 Million Dollars

In a case against a major corporation that was fought over years in the Courts, we prevailed at trial and our client received the second largest verdict in Hancock County history.

Our client was a journeyman plumber/pipefitter working for a subcontractor, who was partially blinded by an exploding pipe being installed in Defendant’s tire plant in Findlay, Ohio. Through arduous discovery and lengthy litigation we were finally able to prove that the injury was caused by the fault of the engineers at the plant who designed and implemented a bad test of the piping system.

We battled one of the largest law firms in the country for years before finally prevailing. The time and expense were necessary for our client to receive justice.

Type of Action: Bus v. Pedestrian Accident

Settlement: $600,000.00

Our client was injured on a city street in Delta, Ohio while waiting for a school bus to clear an intersection. It became apparent that the school bus cut the corner too tight and caused severe injury to our client.

The key in this case was our investigation. We were able to gain the trust of the families of the children on the bus who gave us crucial evidence of the facts of the buses route. At first, the children remained silent, as they are afraid to speak against the bus driver who had a history of bad driving. Often, it is the diligence of the attorneys in the investigation of the facts of the case that determines the ultimate results.

Type of Action: Automobile Accident

Settlement: $750,000.00

In a case of disputed liability, we were able to prevail for our client and his wife. As often happens, the defendant challenged his responsibility and fabricated facts of the crash. In a stellar investigation our team recorded statements made by the Defendant to others, which discovered his lies.

It was with pride that we informed our clients of these falsehoods and most comforting to recover a large cash settlement as well.

Type of Action: Grain Elevator Fire

Settlement: $710,000.00

Our client was burned while at work for a Michigan Grain Mill. As we are licensed to practice in Michigan, we went to work to find the cause of the blast in the silo where he was working. Our expert did a field investigation that showed that a dangerous mixture of gas and air had been created by a silo maintenance company. We focused our recovery efforts against this third party. In Michigan, it is difficult to bring suit against your employer. We were happy to recover against the third party and are even happier to report that our client bears virtually no scars (other than mental) from this unfortunate event.

Type of Action: Product Liability

Settlement: $630,000.00

In a case of hotly contested liability our client lost part of her foot when a large battery she was changing out of a towmotor she had operated for years, dropped on her foot. We sued the party who manufactured the crane device used to remove the battery. Through expert testimony and hard cross-examination of many employees, it became clear that, although a similar accident had NEVER occurred before, the crane was poorly designed for this procedure.

Our client provided important testimony herself regarding her long history of safety consciousness. It is often the client herself who helps win the case. We at Zychowicz Law LLC, after 25 years of litigating and trying cases in courts primarily in Ohio and Michigan, understand this. Our client interview and preparation process is second to none.

Type of Action: Automobile/Pedestrian

Settlement: $370,000.00

Our client broke her hip when a car swerved off the road and grazed her as she was replacing a flat tire on the side of the road. Our accident investigation team was able to identify the path of the negligent vehicle from the markings on the road.

It is imperative to contact a lawyer IMMEDIATELY following a crash because that is when the evidence is fresh. If the defense is there first it can affect the evidence. Call us first!

Type of Action: Intentional Tort

Settlement: $250,000.00

The client was injured at work in a plant of a major corporation when he fell from a defective ladder that had been poorly wired together by a maintenance crew. In limited cases it is possible to bring an action against your employer for damages not covered by workers’ compensation. This would include pain and suffering and punitive damages.

The Supreme Court of Ohio has been restricting workers’ rights in this area, making the hiring of competent counsel even more critical.

As Zychowicz Law LLC, focuses on work injures, we are here to help you determine ALL benefits available after a work accident.

Type of Case: Slip and Fall

Settlement: $250,000.00

A letter carrier slipped and fell in the course of delivering the mail, fracturing her hand. We brought an action to protect her interests in performing her important work.

Type of Case: Dog Bite

Settlement: $140,000

Another letter carrier was bitten by a large dog while doing his job. We have handled hundreds of dog bite cases, through our long affiliation with the postal workers union. You can trust us to help you as well.

Often times, in a dog bite case, it is important for the client to submit to nerve testing, to explain residual, long-lasting damage to the injured areas. That was true in this case, which affected our client’s finger function, although visible damage was minimal.

We have relationships with many health care specialists to help us document and treat non-obvious injuries.