What Our Clients Say About Us

5 stars Mike Zychowicz – we were told is a very hardworking attorney and he was.

He understood and followed my medical treatments the entire time. His knowledge and experience really made the legal process a lot better. We could not be happier and will tell anyone who we know who is injured him.

Jason Organ

5 Stars  We were very happy with Mike Zychowicz.

As our legal counsel for our case. He made the process easy and understandable for us. Mr. Zychowicz is a very Christian man that treated us like family.

Tyrone Gilyard

5 StarsI loved working with Mike Zychowicz.

He had a sense of humor that made me feel comfortable as soon as I met with him. My case was no joke to him though. I had a serious injury Mike made sure that I received a settlement that was fair to me.

Leonard Acker

5 Stars Mike Zychowicz took my case after my husband was killed in a workplace accident.

Other attorneys didn’t think my case was a winner, but Mike saw the potential in it. My case was litigated for two years. Mike paid the expenses to hire experts to make our case and we were eventually able to settle the case with the insurance company. Mike and his paralegal Sue communicated with me throughout the whole case.

Maria Kern

5 Stars Mark Skeldon is a hardworking attorney who gets the job done

Mark Skeldon represented me when I was involved in my automobile accident. He spoke to me every step of the way about my case and we got a great settlement. He even helped me with another legal matter for which I needed help while the car accident case was going on. I would recommend Zychowicz Skeldon, Ltd., to anyone looking for a hardworking attorney to represent them after a car crash.

Rob Fisher, Toledo Ohio

5 Stars Before hiring Mark, the grocery store was not returning my phone calls and I wasn’t sure what to do.

Mark told me to focus on recovering from my injuries, and that he would take care of working with the grocery store and their insurance company. He did just that and got me a settlement that I was happy with.

Cheryl Andrysek

5 Stars Mike Zychowicz has represented myself and several people in my family for car accidents that we have been involved in.

This history with Mike means that we have built up a trust relationship with him. Mike knows what he’s doing when it comes to helping victims of car crashes.

Sandra Barringer

5 Stars I was involved in a bad accident while I was working.

This meant that I had a workers’ comp. claim and a claim against the person that hit me. Mark Skeldon took time with me and made sure that I was better before settling my claim with the insurance company. I was able to discuss my claim in detail with Mark, before settling with the insurance company.

Ciarra Medina

I was hit head-on by another vehicle and was in a lot of pain. I was confused about what to do next and got Mike Zychowicz’s name from a friend. I called Mike to find out about what my rights were. Mike was knowledgeable and put my mind at ease. Throughout the claim I worked regularly with Mike’s paralegal Sue. Together Mike and Sue kept me up to date about my claim and fought hard for me against the insurance company.

Sue Bishop

5 Stars I hired Mike Zychowicz and Mark Skeldon to represent me when I was involved in a car crash.

My case was difficult because the driver of the other vehicle claimed that I caused the accident. Mark investigated the accident and tracked down a witness. After several depositions, Mr. Skeldon and Mr. Zychowicz were ready to take my case to trial. Just before trial, the insurance company agreed to a settlement that I was happy with.

Ted Bailey

5 Stars Mark Skeldon represented me after I was struck by a drunk driver.

Even though there wasn’t a lot of damage to my vehicle, my neck and back were really sore. Mark assured me that I had every right to receive treatment, even though the insurance company told me they wouldn’t pay for it before Mark started to represent me. I got the treatment I needed and feel better now.

George Cole